The FFA boys show the world how it’s done at the oldest competition in Europe!

Fireworks for Africa has again made their mark on an international stage, as they competed in the oldest fireworks competition in Europe, 48 Concurso Fuegos Artificiales San Sebastian, in August this year. The pressure was on as the crowds at this competition are exposed to many fireworks displays and definitely know their stuff! They are known to boo and hiss when the displays aren’t up to standard, so Fireworks for Africa had their work cut out for them.

Using about 2000 shells, 1000 ground effects and a healthy dose of imagination, they managed to wow these experienced crowds with a dazzling show of breathtaking proportions. So much so, in fact, that they won the Spectator’s Award – the most coveted prize in the competition – voted by the public via email and SMS.

Eight teams traveled to the North of Spain to compete: five native Spanish teams, another from Portugal, one from Italy and our very own South African boys! A Spanish team won, Fireworks for Africa came second to win silver and Italy placed third. It was one for the record books as Nick Mitri and his tireless team showed the rest of the world how it’s done!